How to Trade in Binance Futures to Make 70-80 % Profit Daily in 2022?

Binance Signup 2021

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  • How to Buy and Deposit Bitcoin?

Step 1: Click on and this page will appear and then click on Register. (If you already have an account I suggest create a new one because You will Receive Bonus Daily),

Step 2: Put your Email address and password and Put referral id “69865749” as it gives you 10% of your trading fee will be credited to your futures account every hour. For e.g. If you trade 2000$ with 20x leverage and make 10 trades in an hour with trading fee 0.02% per trade you will get 2000*20*10*0.02/100=80$ trading fee every hour as bonus in your account.
Binance futures 2022
Binance Futures Sign up
Step 3: You will receive email confirmation code on your email, put that code in verification box.
Binance futures 2022
Step 4: Now If you have any Cryptocurrency you can directly transfer it to your Binance account by clicking on wallet>Overview>Deposit>Deposit Crypto>Select Coin you want to deposit and Get its deposit address, Paste it in wallet from which you want to send and select amount you want to send and click on send. (If you don’t have crypto go to step 5 and if you have crypto deposited to your account go after step 10)
Step 5: You can click on buy crypto button and you will see various options to buy crypto I highly suggest to use Visa/MasterCard because it will instantly credit crypto in your account.
Binance futures 2022

Step 6: Just type the amount you want to buy select which crypto currency you want to buy like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin or other as if I want to buy bitcoin in Europe, I choose euro as currency and put amount worth 5000 Euros, I will fill the amount and choose bitcoin and click on buy Bitcoin(BTC). {Minimum deposit requirement is 15$ only.}

Buy crypto 2022
Step 7: Identity verification is required, click on verify now, (Don’t worry document submission is not required just Name, Address and Birthdate is required).
Binance Verification 2022
Step 8: Here just submit personal info as country, birthdate, name and address (Give real information because if you forgot password Binance support team will verify this detail to re-obtain forgotten password).
Select your country
Step 9: After submitting info, payment detail review page will appears choose payment channel and in Disclaimer click on I have read terms and conditions and click on continue.
Payment details

Step 10: Submit Credit card/Debit Card info, after submitting card details system will verify payment and next moment Crypto will be credited into Your Account for Trade.

Payment verification
  • How Binance Futures works and How to Make Daily Profit?

Step1: How to make a trade with 10x Leverage?

First understand for every trade trading fee deducted will be 0.02% so if you buy and sell total fees will be 0.02+0.02=0.04%, Leverage of 125x available for crypto trading e.g. if you have 100$ in Your account you can purchase crypto with 125x worth 100*125=12,500$ funds to buy coin . But 125x leverage is risky it can be only used if graph is continuously goes up or down. So its Better to start with 10x then you can go for 20x Leverage.

Few Basic Terms:

-As Buy = Long Position used if graph is going up and if you sell at 1% high price you make 1% profit (use in up trending graph)
-Sell = Short Position used if graph is going down place sell short order if graph goes down by 1% you make 1% profit (use in downtrend graph)
-PNL = Profit and Loss if PNL is green then profit is made and if PNL is red loss is happening,
-Trading pairs such as BTC/USD = Buy or Sell “Bitcoin with United stated dollar”(if you have USD in your account). stop loss is point you set at which loss is minimized or huge loss is avoided for eg. if you place stop loss order with 0.5% so whenever loss reach 0.5% automatically funds will be sold and further loss is avoided.
-Take Profit order is you already set a setpoint means at which price you want to sell assets to make profit.

Now go to USDT-M Futures select timeframe as 1m means graph updates for every 1 Minutes.

Binance login 2022

Step 2: How to Place an order?

You can select Market Order, as market order is purchase at current price, and Limit order is place order value below current price you want and keep waiting till price reach. Place stop order at 0.5% less than purchase price so further loss will not occur, Put take profit price at 0.6% for e.g. if a coin current price is 100$ then select stop loss and take profit and put stop loss value as 99.5 and take profit value 100.6 for Buy Long means if graph is going up. as leverage is 10x means 0.6*10=6% profit on one trade.

Lord Xior

But how to know when to place buy order and how to place sell order?

Buy order must be place at low price and when graph is going up; while Sell order must be placed when graph is going down. let me explain with an example,

E.g., 1) To Place Buy order in BTC/USD trading pair let’s say current price is 36300 and graph is going up then I will select on amount as 10x and then click on buy (green button), Order type – Market, Put Stop loss price at 35980 and take profit price at 36510 and click on Buy Long. You see in this graph first peak goes from 36300 to 36600 and I placed order immediately at price 36300 and my order completed at 36510 and I made profit of total 36510-36300=210 and 210*100/36300=0.5785% profit and with 10x order 0.578*10=5.78% profit in 1 minute.

E.g. 2) To place sell short order: I selected 10x of my amount lot and click on sell(red button), now the current price is 36600and I am seeing graph is going down so I place market order at 36600 and place stop loss at 36800 and take profit at 36420 price as you can see in the graph the price goes down from 36600 to 36380 so my sell order is completed at 36420 and my profit when graph goes down is 36600-36420=180 and 180*100/36600=0.4918% profit with 10x profit 0.4918*10=4.918% profit again……

Binance Futures 2022


But here is an important tip if you don’t want to put stop loss order then always place order with 50% of your amount because if you place buy long at 36450 and instead graph goes down to 35910 and finally it start rising slowly then place another remaining 50% buy order to make buy order as average of two price meaning 36450+35910/2= 36180 will be new buying long order and set take profit at 36240 you will end up with 4% profit, as in this way you will never end up in loss because as it’s price will not rise to 36450+ but can rise to 36250 max when price goes down so always place order carefully.

when you learn to make profit from 10x as expertise you can now go for 20x also, meaning profit will be doubled but never put leverage above 20x because you take big loan comes with big interest rate and big risk so always trade with small leverage. And don’t forget if you use my referral code You will Receive 10% bonus Every Time You Trade.

You can easily make 5-8% Profit per minute if you follow my 10x leverage method and if you make 12-20 trade daily you will make 20*8=160% max profit meaning if you invested 5000$, then 5000*160/100=8000$ profit from 5000$ means total 13000$ you have in your account, for next day if you get 160% on 13000$ you will get 13000*160/100=20800$ as profit on 13000$ means total 33800$ in your account and so on……. This is how day trader makes money!!!

You can sell this crypto earning with Binance P2P trading or Binance offers Crypto Visa Card meaning You can directly spend, shop and withdraw your crypto earnings in nearest ATM with Crypto Debit Card.

So, Stop Wasting Your Valuable Time and Utilize your Time to Make Real Money Through Trading Create an Account Now……

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