Kucoin Review : How to Make 70-80% Profit Daily in 2021?

Kucoin review

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Kucoin Review: 

How to Create KuCoin Futures Account(Get 100$ Bonus)?

Step 1: Click on Kucoin.com/Futures and this page will appear and then click on Register and get 100$ bitcoin as a bonus in your bitcoin wallet. First choose your country code and Submit your mobile number. you will receive an confirmation code enter the confirmation code and click on submit.
Step 2: Then select as newbie and go to lite mode. (Lite mode has very easy to use interface compared to pro mode)
Kucoin review
KuCoin Login
Step 3: You need to first secure your account, so at bottom click on security setting.
Kucoin review
Step 4: Click on Phone as Set, then on Email click on set to get email confirmation.
Kucoin review
Step 5: You will be asked for SMS verification so click on send code, you will receive code by SMS enter the code.
Kucoin Futures
Step 6: Then submit your Email address and click on send code, you will receive code on your email, enter the code and click on activate. when you activate it, you will receive login notification with IP address and country for every time you login.
Kucoin Futures
Step 7: Click on KYC verification in the upper toolbar, as KYC does not require any document just submit your document type and Document ID no. it will be used for recovering your account. KYC is not necessary if your daily withdrawal amount is less than 5 BTC.
Kucoin Futures
Without KYC Limitation on My Account
Kucoin Review
Just Submit Your Details That’s it KYC Done
After KYC Limits Increased

Step 8: Now click on Buy Crypto in upper toolbar and submit the amount you want to buy and select the cryptocurrency you want to buy and click on “I Agree” to disclosure and click on Buy Now button.( If you have crypto deposit in your KuCoin account then go after step 9)
kucoin review
Step 9: You need to submit your card details and click on submit details, Processor will verify payment and Bitcoin will be credited to your account instantly and also 100$ bitcoin bonus will be credited to your account too…..
kucoin review

That’s it Now Lets make Profit from from KuCoin Futures trading. I highly suggest to start with 10x leverage only because “with great leverage comes great risk”.

  • How KuCoin Futures works and How to Make Daily Profit?


Step1: How to make a trade with 10x Leverage?

First understand for every trade trading fee deducted will be 0.02% so if you buy and sell total fees will be 0.02+0.02=0.04%, Leverage of 100x available for crypto trading e.g. if you have 100$ in Your account you can purchase crypto with 100x worth 100*100=10,000$ funds to buy coin . But 100x leverage is risky it can be only used if graph is continuously goes up or down. So its Better to start with 10x then you can go for 20x Leverage.

Few Basic Terms:

  • As Buy = Long Position used if graph is going up and if you sell at 1% high price you make 1% profit (use in up trending graph)

  • Sell = Short Position used if graph is going down place sell short order if graph goes down by 1% you make 1% profit(use in downtrend graph)

  • PNL = Profit and Loss if PNL is green then profit is made and if PNL is red loss is happening,

  • Trading pairs such as BTC/USD = Buy or Sell “Bitcoin with United stated dollar”(if you have USD in your account). stop loss is point you set at which loss is minimized or huge loss is avoided for eg. if you place stop loss order with 0.5% so whenever loss reach 0.5% automatically funds will be sold and further loss is avoided.

  • Take Profit order is you already set a setpoint means at which price you want to sell assets to make profit.

Now go to USDT-M Futures select timeframe as 1m means graph updates for every 1 Minutes.

Kucoin review

Step 2: How to Place an order?

You can select Market Order, as market order is purchase at current price, and Limit order is place order value below current price you want and keep waiting till price reach. Place stop order at 0.5% less than purchase price so further loss will not occur, Put take profit price at 0.6% for e.g. if a coin current price is 100$ then select stop loss and take profit and put stop loss value as 99.5 and take profit value 100.6 for Buy Long means if graph is going up. as leverage is 10x means 0.6*10=6% profit on one trade.

Place order amount you want to invest, select leverage 10x put Buy Long call if graph is moving up or sell short if graph is moving down.

kucoin review
kucoin review
Kucoin review
***After submitting the order click on take profit as 25% and stop loss 10%, and Don’t wait for large profit because if price touches Liquidation price your funds becomes zero to avoid liquidation click on Sell Button if you make profit of nearly +3 to +4% as 1.2% total buy and sell fee will be deducted.
  • But how to know when to place buy order and how to place sell order?
For Buy Long order: Buy Long order you need to place if graph is moving up and here at 39379 the graph starts rising means if you place buy long order immediately, and graph reaches to 43806 and you need to click on sell to complete the trade. So the total difference is 43806-39379=4427 and total profit is 4427/39379*100=11.24% rise but your leverage is 10x means 11.24*10=112.4% profit in 5 minutes, if you invested 5000$ and 112.4% of 5000 is 5000*112.4/100=5620$ as profit and total amount in your account will be 5620+5000=10,620$ in Your account in 5 minutes. (again if you make 112.4% then total profit will be 10620*112.4/100=11936.88$ profit and total amount in your account will be 11936+10620=22556$ in your account and so on…….)
Kucoin review
For Placing sell short order: Now current price is 43828 and graph is going down then place sell short at 43828 and the % it goes down will be % of profit you will make. so it goes down to 42210 in first peak and you need to click on Buy immediately to complete the trade. So total % will be 43828-42210=1618 and total profit will be 1618*100/43828=3.69% profit but we have 10x leverage so 3.69*10=36.9% total profit in 3 minutes so in first trade you have made 10620 then 10620*39.7/100=3920$ profit so your current account balance after 10 minute will be 10620+3920=14540$ total in your account.
If You are a beginner don’t go for large profit sell your assets immediately at 4-5% profit because if you place buy long order and graph is goin down in actually and if you did not place stop loss at 10% your funds might be liquidated so always place 50% amount you have and as if you place wrong order e.g. 50% amount buy long at 40,000 but graph goes down to 37290 and as market graph will not come to 40000 again and you also forget to place stop loss, so for buy long order you need 40,000+ which is not possible and as graph goes down to 37290, if graph start rising again then place remaining 50% buy long at 37290 so the average new buy long price will become 40000+37290/2= 38645 and if graph value crosses even 3-4 % profit immediately sell and complete the trade because if graph goes down to a point it start to recover a little and then goes down again same thing happen in opposite means if graph rising to a particular point then it starts to goes down a little and rises again a little and then goes down again.

So here you learnt everything about futures trading, if you make 4-5% profit in single trade and make 15-20 trades daily in your free time you will make 60-100% profit on Daily basis means first day you make 5000$ and its 100% will make it 10,000$ and its 100% make it 20,000$, its 100% will make it 40,000$, ….80,000$….160,000$,…320,000$ Daily Profit.

So what are you waiting for, Create an Account and Make Daily Profit Now…….

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