What are the Top 5 Bitcoin Exchanges to Invest, Trade and Profit in Bitcoin in 2021?


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The Bitcoin exchange provides trading platform for cryptocurrency where users can buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies. Here I have listed top 5 cryptocurrency exchange from Coinmarketcapthe cryptocurrency exchange offers spot trading, margin trading and futures trading.

People most likely look for the cryptocurrency exchange which provides user friendly interface, great functionality, high security to assets and easy withdrawal process. So before selecting the cryptocurrency exchange you must know the trading fees, security and creditability of cryptocurrency exchange.

Here I have Listed Top 5 Bitcoin Exchange Worldwide:


  • Binance:

Binance is the best and most successful cryptocurrency exchange which has 1 billion $ daily trading volume. Binance offers large number of crypto coins with high secure ERC20 transaction gateway. 

Bitcoin Exchanges

The benefits that binance offers are listed below,

-Huge List of Alt-coins: Binance offers 100 different cryptocurrencies are available on binance.
-Low fees: Binance has lowest trading fee about 0.075% for both maker and taker in spot trading and 0.02% as maker, 0.04% taker fees in binance futures trading.
-Prices/Bonus: Regular trader on binance have chance to win prizes and bonuses if they participate in particular crypto buying or trading or holding cryptocurrency competition.
-Security: Binance uses CCSS standards to protect binance accounts and also has 2FA authentication available.
-High volume trading: As Binance has millions of users trade crypto daily so there are lots of buyers and sellers are available on exchange.
-125x on futures trading: Binance offers 125x Leverage on futures trading means you can 125 times worth of crypto.
Minimum deposit is 15$.

-Provides Crypto Visa/MasterCard so that you can withdraw your crypto earning directly from nearest ATM or used for shopping or buying stuff online directly through your crypto balance.

If you wish to join Binance but don’t know how to trade you can refer these articles,

If you are a regular Bitcoin trader and want to create account, you can create account right here,

  • PrimeXBT:

PrimeXBT is leading crypto to crypto trading platform and PrimeXBT also offers Forex, commodities and Indices for trading on this platform. Benefits of PrimeXBT are listed here:

-Trading fees: PrimeXBT offers 0.05% trading fee for crypto, 0.001%  trading fee for forex and 0.01% trading fee on indices.
-Leverage: PrimeXBT offers 100x leverage on Crypto, 1000x Leverage on forex trading.
-Minimum deposit is 0.001BTC.
-No KYC requirement.
-Modern and user friendly sophisticated platform to trade easily.
-Security standards which protects the investors fund in PrimeXBT account.

If you are regular trader you can create an account directly from here,

  • Huobi Global:

The Huobi global is is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange with mainly Asian community. Huobi global is very simple and easy to use, user friendly website. Houbi global has largest cryptocurrency for trading available on exchange. If you like to trade in altcoins Huobi global is best platform for you. the benefits for this exchange are:

-About 704 Cryptocurrency trading pairs available for trading.
-It has 0.2% Maker and Taker fee.
-It has total turnover of 1.2 Trillion dollars and has total 50% market share.
Huobi focuses on safety and security of customer accounts.
-It provides 24/7 customer support.

Huobi Global Create Account
-All the newly launched Altcoins are first listed on Huobi global platform and altcoins basically goes up to 1000% in a single day so it provides heavy profit through trading altcoins. If you want to make profit from trading altcoins you can create an account here,
  • OKex:

The OKexchanger is newly emerging trading platform which mainly focuses on buying and selling of different cryptocurrency on this platform. It is also listed on Coinmarketcap as one of the biggest crypto exchange having daily 1.2 billion $ trading volume. the Benefits of OKex are:

-Maker fee is 0.15% and taker fee is 0.2% for spot trading and 0.03% for maker and 0.05% for taker for futures trading on this platform.
-It provides best security standards in the industry.
-Maximum leverage offered by this exchange is 20x which is best for day traders.
-It has total of 100 cryptocurrency available for trading.
-There is Fiat currency to cryptocurrency support is available on this platform.

OkEX Create Account
If you want to join this network, you can create an account right here,
  • KuCoin :

It is the largest cryptocurrency trading platform which offer spot trading margin trading and futures trading mainly. it offers buy sell and trade cryptocurrency on this platform. It also offers P2P Trading means you can directly buy/sell crypto assets from your crypto account. it is one of the largest exchange with 25% market share. the benefits of this exchange are,

KuCoin has more than 300 trading pairs available.
-It provides margin trading with 10x with bitcoin and altcoin pairs with 0.1% maker and taker fee.
-Future trading with 100x leverage provided with 0.02% Maker fee and 0.04% taker fee available on KuCoin.
-It offers 2 FA authentication and also provides best security to the users accounts.
-Very low withdrawal fee and zero deposit fee.
-“USA users can create account here with 5BTC Deposit/Withdrawal Limit per 24 hours”.

KuCoin Create Account
If you want to join this platform, you can create a futures account from here,
So these are the Best and most Reliable cryptocurrency Exchanges which provides you better user friendly experience and provides high security to your wallet. You can signup and deposit cryptocurrency or buy with Visa or MasterCard is also available. So you can start trading and make daily profit now……

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