How to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal Instantly in 2022?

Paxful review 2022

Now You can buy bitcoin with Paypal directly from Paxful, Just Follow these steps: 

Step 1: Click on and Click on Create Account.

Paxful review
Paxful Create Account
Step 2: Type your Email address and password and click on Create Paxful Account. After that you will receive an email for email confirmation, click on confirm email, That’s it Your account is now activated and now you get 1 Bitcoin Wallet and 1 USDT wallet. You can Buy Either Bitcoin or USDT as transaction time for Bitcoin to External wallet is 30 Minute with 0.0005BTC fee while USDT transaction time required is 2 minutes with 7$ fee, You can Avoid USDT Fee by selecting TRC20 gateway on both sending and receiving wallet with 0$ fee but transaction time is 10-15 Minutes. (Remember both wallets must be same gateway means either both ERC20 or Both TRC20 for USDT only).
Paxful review
Paxful Sign Up
Step 3: After Registration click on Buy Button select either Bitcoin or USDT you want to buy, then click on all payment method select a payment method you want to buy e.g. PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, Neteller, Paytm, Then select amount you want to buy and click on currency to select the currency yo want to pay and click on find offers.
Paxful review 2022

Step 4: You can see the reputation in green like sign means trusted by number of people, seen 12 min ago as green means he is active now and reply you within minutes, you can also see the limit amount you can buy from that person with payment method you choose.

Buy Bitcoin with paypal

Step 5: Then select a offer you want to buy and click on buy for e.g. If I want to purchase Bitcoin worth 500$ with PayPal, After selecting the offer this page will appear and then I will click on buy now button.

Paxful review 2022

Step 6: Trade window will open, first send ”hi” to person from whom you are going to buy Bitcoin, then he will give you his PayPal address you will send 500$ to his PayPal address (Verify it before send) with friends and family section and remember never write anything in remark, keep remarks as blank and send payment. After sending Money click on “Paid” button and message him that I have paid. He will release bitcoin in Your Wallet. That’s it You successfully Purchased Bitcoin.


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