How to make 25-40% Profit daily by Binance Bitcoin Margin Trading in 2022?

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  •  Binance Full Review: What is Binance?

Binance is an Exchange which allows you to 10x Margin Trading in Cryptocurrency. Binance allows you to store both fiat currency and cryptocurrency in the respective wallet which is used for P2P trading means buying and selling from Person to Person. Binance was created by Chanpeng Zao, He was well known as CZ as CZ used to build trading system that are used in Tokyo stock exchange. He used that experience to create Binance today.

Binance Signup 2021

For Creating Binance Platform, he raised money through Initial Coin Offering(ICO), It is similar to crowdfunding where people invest their money to start the company. People invested about 15 million dollars in Binance as return Binance offered Binance Coin(BNB) as a token created on Ethereum blockchain, and now Binance has daily 1 billion $ daily trade volume. Binance offers 0.075% trading fee which is lowest in the market.

  • How to Create Binance Account?

Step 1: Click on and Click on register, the registration page will appear like this, enter your email and type the password and click on Create Account.

binance margin trading
Binance Create Account

Step 2: You will receive email confirmation code, now open a new tab and login to your Email account, type that 6 digit code in the Binance Account Verification page, After entering the code your account will be activated.

binance margin trading

Step 3: Now three options appear as Deposit cash, Deposit crypto, or buy crypto with credit card.

-If you have any cryptocurrency then click on deposit and search that crypto coin, get deposit address of that coin and copy that address and paste in the wallet from which you are going to send bitcoin, type transfer amount, paste deposit address and click on transfer. It is very time consuming method so its better to go with buy crypto with credit/debit card.(if You have deposited crypto then go after step 8)

-So choose simple method to buy crypto with credit/debit card.

binance margin trading
Step 4: Just type the amount you want to buy select which crypto currency you want to buy like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin or other as if I want to buy bitcoin in Europe, I choose euro as currency and put amount worth 5000 Euros, I will fill the amount and choose bitcoin and click on buy Bitcoin(BTC). {Minimum deposit requirement is 15$ only.}
binance margin trading 2022
Step 5: Identity verification is required, click on verify now.(Don’t worry document submission is not required just Name, Address and Birthdate is required).
Binance Verification 2022
Step 6: Here just submit personal info as country, birthdate, name and address(Give real information because if you forgot password binance support team will verify this detail to re-obtain forgotten password).
binance margin trading
Step 7: After submitting info, Payment detail review page will appears choose payment channel and in Disclaimer click on I have read terms and conditions and click on continue.
binance margin trading
Step 8: Submit Credit card/Debit Card info, after submitting card details system will verify payment and next moment Crypto will be credited into Your Account for Trade.
binance margin trading
  • How to do Margin Trading on Binance?

Learn Best Tricks to make Profit.

If a cryptocoin is at current price of 102$ and you need to purchase it at 100$ and sell when price again reach to 102$ in this way you earn 102-100=2 means 2% profit but 2% profit is not sufficient, now you can multiply it by 10x means 10 times as e.g. if you purchased 20 coins of 100$ with amount of 5000$ and sell at 102$ with 10x margin you get 2*10=20% profit meaning 5000*20/100=1000$ as profit with normal trading you get just 100$ on 5000$, so here I have given you full tutorial about margin trading.

Step 1: After adding crypto to binance account, click on trade and then on margin trading.
binance margin trading
Step 2: Then click on Isolated 10x, the buying order prize should be placed at 1 or 2% lower price to current price so you can make profit. then select the % you want to invest it is 1,25,50,75,100% choose 50% of amount you have and click on margin buy BTC, once price goes down and reaches to price you enter you will get respective amount of btc as graph goes above 1 or 2% place the current price in sell BTC section select to sell 100% amount and that it!!! You Earned 20% profit for 2% benefit trade. Thus you can easily make around 40-80% per day by 2-4 successful trades daily.
binance margin trading
Step 3: You Can also understand from this image as where you place buying order and where you place selling order in short buy at low price and sell at high price that is all…..
binance margin trading
Binance offers Visa card so you can purchase anything on your crypto balance and you can spend your crypto earnings the way you want. So what are you waiting for create an account now……..

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