Which is Best Forex Trading Platform in India in 2021?

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Exness is the Best Forex trading platform in India, Which also provides Best Forex Trading App in India.                   

Best forex trading app in India 2021

My Profit This Morning

Best forex trading app in India 2021

My Huge Profit Today

My Balance 5000$ i.e 3,75,265₹ and My Withdrawal History,

Forex Trading

  • How to Start Forex Trading in India?

So, You can Start Forex Trading in India But You Need a Trusted Broker that Provides UPI INR Deposit and Withdrawal Methods.

  • Best Forex Trading Platform in India:

So, I Highly Suggest you A Best Broker For Indian Traders  – Exness

Exness is Founded in 2008 and it is most trusted Forex Broker due to its regulatory oversight and It has license from UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and also the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).


  • -It has more than 120 Forex Pairs.
  • -It is highly regulated and compliant to regulators like CySEC and FCA.
  • -Local payment methods are available.
  • -It provides varieties of account like Zero Spread, Raw Spread, Pro, Standard Cent etc.
  • -It has lowest spread compare to all other brokers.
  • -It provides excellent customer support.


  • Levarage for European clients is limited to 1:30.
  • -Zero Spread account has requirement of 500$ min. deposit.

If you want to create an account, Follow this Method Step by Step to Create a Secure Account,

If You want to know how to Create a Exness Account from India you can check this video,

You Can Create a Exness Account, Deposit 3,000 with UPI or IMPS for Start and then Start Trading and Making Real Money that You Can Instantly Withdraw to Your Bank Account.

If You want to know how to deposit money from India you can check this video,

Learn Some Basic Tips:

  • What is Leverage in Forex Trading?

With leverage of 1:1000 means you can increase purchasing power by 1000 times example if you have 200$ means 15,010 in your account with leverage of 1000 you can have 200 x 1000 = 200,000$ for you to trading and even if you earn 3% in a day means 200,000 x 3/100 = 6000$ means 450,318 profit in one day. This is called Leverage trading.

  • What is a Lot in Forex Trading?

You can trade with 1 standard lot , 0.1 as mini lot and 0.01 as micro lot, as lot represent the amount as,

1 lot = 100,000 units of currency (e.g. in $ as one hundred thousand dollars)

0.1 lot = 10,000 units of currency (e.g. in $ as ten thousand dollars)

0.01 lot = 1000 units of currency (e.g. in $ as one thousand dollars)

If you place order of 1 lot for bitcoin current price 50,000 USD in BTC/USD pair means you buy bitcoin with 1 Lot =100,000 dollars means you get 2 bitcoins as you have leverage of 1000x means if you have 100$ in your account you can buy 2 bitcoins as 100*1000=100,000 dollars.

  • Things to remember in Forex Trading?

Trading is Risky and Can Make Your Profit as Well as Loss as Trading on Meta Trader 5 Complicated Platform like This,

best forex trading platform in india 2021

But For Beginners Exness Provides a Exness Terminal Platform Which Has Easy to use Interface Like This,

forex trading india

This is Exness Terminal Platform For Beginners,

best forex trading platform in india


  • How to Place Order in Forex Trading?

Buy Long: If graph is going up place buy long with 1 or 0.1 Lot amount for e.g. if price for BTC/USD is 48000$ and Graph is going up then click on 0.1 lot and Blue button Buy long and You see your Profit in Green. So I Buy at 48000 and sell at 48200 and Made 87.52$ means 6,568₹ Profit as You need to click on X icon to close order and Take Profit. (Buy Instantly and Take Profit and Close Order Instantly).

Sell Short: If Graph is going down You can sell short 0.1 lot amount. E.g. when price goes down from 48200$ I placed 0.1 Lot sell short order and closed order at 47990$ and make 53.42$ means 4,009₹ profit.

Close Order: Click on X icon to close order and take profit.

  • This trading site has following key points.

-Deposit Options: UPI, Online Bank Transfer (in INR), Credit/Debit Card, Neteller, QIWI, Skrill, Webmoney, AstroPay Card, Perfect Money

-Min. Deposit : 10$ or 750 Rupees.

-Withdrawal Options: UPI, Online Bank Transfer (in INR),Credit/Debit Card, Neteller, QIWI, Skrill, Bitcoin, USD Tether(USDT Omni), Webmoney, AstroPay Card, Perfect Money.

-Withdrawal : Instant, (30 min. for Bitcoin Withdrawal)

-Tradable Assets: Currencies, Indices, Stocks

-Trading Platforms:MT4, MT5

-Commission on Trades: No

-Fixed spreads: Yes

-Trading Desk Type: Market Maker, No dealing desk

-OS Compatibility: Desktop platform (Windows), Desktop platform (Mac), Web platform

-Mobile trading: Apps Available on


-Countries Available: India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, South Africa, Ghana, Belarus, Ukrain, Thailand, Vietnam, Saudi Arab, China, Indonesia, Pakistan, Vietnam, Maldives, Egypt, Nigeria…

So What are you waiting for Sign up and Create a Free Account Now…..

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6 Replies to “Which is Best Forex Trading Platform in India in 2021?”

    1. Well Only trade these 4 pairs BTC/USD, EUR/USD, GBP/USD and XAU/USD, these pairs requires low money to Buy 1 or 0.1 Lot and don’t forget to put stop loss and take profit values whenever you place your trade, and Once you earned Profit Withdraw it Immidiately in Your Bank Account.

    1. Yes miss as it is United Kindom Licenced Broker which is audited by the big four companies, so they make mandatory for kyc, Don’t worry they keep our documents private as per guidelines…

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